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Below is an archive of columns from various national websites where I regularly post. But first, from 2017 – Politico Profile: “Birthday of the Day.” A fun interview with me conducted by Daniel Lippman.

Now the archive:

Myra Adams on The Hill

Myra Adams on RealClearPolitics

Myra Adams on TownHall

Myra Adams on RealClearReligion

Myra Adams on National Review

Myra Adams on Medium

Myra Adams on

Myra Adams on Washington Examiner

Myra Adams on Real Clear Education

Myra Adams on World Net Daily

Myra Adams on BizPacReview/Conservative News Today

Myra Adams on The Daily Beast

Myra Adams on PJ Media

Myra Adams on Daily Caller

Myra Adams on RedState

My favorite prediction piece posted June 18, 2013, on PJ Media: Why it looks like Donald Trump is really running for president in 2016.”  This column still cracks me up.

Below are a few photos. There could be many more, but I am shy and often not having a good hair day.

Sen. Marco Rubio and Myra Adams – Jan. 28, 2022

CPAC 2020! March 2, 2020: From Carl Cannon’s Morning Note at RealClearPolitics (Carl is Washington editor) “At CPAC, the Trumplican Party Ruled. Myra Adams offers her impressions from last week’s annual gathering of conservative activists.”

CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp and Myra Adams on CPAC opening day, Feb. 27, 2020. Great job, Matt!
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton and Myra Adams at CPAC 2020. Did Trump photo-bomb us?
My friend Mark McKinnon, Producer of Showtime’s “The Circus”and Myra Adams CPAC 2019.
DeSantis David me
Then Rep. Ron DeSantis, with David and Myra Adams at Broward County, FL, Lincoln Day Dinner May 2018.
Now we call him Gov. DeSantis!
I call this photo “Myra’s Eyes.” It is my FORMER all-time favorite photo taken by my friend Michele Kirk at Mar-a-Lago, in Feb. 2014, (three years before it became the “Winter White House.”) This photo was not photoshopped, cropped or retouched – just a quirky, moment in time. I say “former favorite photo” as a “former” longtime (since 1975) loyal Republican. But my party left me during the Trump years and January 6, 2021 was the last straw. A sad statement that reflects reality.
Myra and husband David at second Inauguration of George W. Bush January 20, 2005.
Myra Adams and husband David Adams at second Inauguration of President George W. Bush January 20, 2005.

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